Let’s face it: Congers is a river town, and we love our water sports. And why not, what with a few lakes and the Hudson River right in our backyard! However, this presents an all too familiar problem: moisture in the carpet.

Whether it comes from a spill, some rainy weather or coming home after a day on the Hudson, few things will stop you in your tracks and completely shift your focus like liquids spilling on and soaking into carpet flooring.  However, one thing that many of us may not be familiar with is the new innovations in carpet flooring; changes and enhancements that are designed to help carpet flooring resist moisture and even the mod that it often causes.

However, some recent innovations in carpet flooring have made cleaning moisture and stains easier than ever before. Further, they have also become much more resilient to mold. Here’s a quick look at how new carpet __ can make your life a little easier.

SmartStrand® Forever Clean

SmartStrand® is a new carpet technology that works right down to the smallest level: the fibers. It’s an engineering process that prevents stains from soaking into even the smallest strands of carpet. As an added bonus, this innovative manufacturing process also enhances durability. It’s also available in a variety of materials, including nylon and silk.


Speaking of nylon, it’s hard to beat the durability and moisture resistance of AnsoNylon. It’s particularly known for repelling pet dander and accidents. It’s also available available in a variety of styles and colors. And if you ever do decide to replace it, AnsoNylon carpet is fully recyclable.

UltraTouch Satin

UltraTouch Satin offers the same ease of cleaning and maintenance in a soft, plush package available in a variety of soothing colors. It easily calms both mind and body and includes a 25 year warranty to ensure that it lasts.

Fade And Texture Retention Warranties

Some of our carpet selections are so resilient that manufacturers actually back their fading resistance and texture retention with a comprehensive warranty. For example, Posh Elegance is covered by a 25 year manufacturer warranty.  So, either the carpets proves that its style can stand the test of time, or the manufacturer pays for new flooring. The homeowner wins both ways.

The Top Carpet Experts in Congers

To learn more about moisture resilient carpet, browse a variety of options or some professional advice, be sure to stop by CarpetsPlus COLORTILE of New York in Congers! Browse the latest styles in our showroom and make an informed decision with the help of our flooring experts.






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